Shimmerfield: Session 1

Saving Daniel

The adventurers began by questioning Margaret and the children about Daniel’s whereabouts.

After a few hours of travel and a run-in with a giant boar, the characters arrived at a the kobold mountain. Inside they negotiated a deal with the kobolds to trade Daniel’s freedom for their dragon egg.

After killing a pair of wolves and a night at Margaret’s house, the party found their way to Edward the traveling salesman. Edward traded his flask for the dragon egg and they brought it to the kobolds, freeing the boy. They then went back to Edward and discovered that the old caretaker Jeff was accused of a similar circumstance.

They ventured over to Jeff’s cabin and asked him about the events. Jeff told them that he was innocent and could prove it through the use of a magical item called a Temporal Cricket. The PCs headed off to find the silver cricket and discover the truth.



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