Kellborough's Undead Ep. 1

There was a weak ass hook of the lord of Kellborough dying through poison and so Leon (Ben) went to talk to the visiting nobles with Quinn (Jayme). At the same time Thorin (Dillon) and Balasar (Erik) went to the most traveled gate to see if they could catch the killer as he left.

Leon and Quinn went to the Mermaid’s Whisper to talk to the nobles, where Leon posed as a man whore and seduced the vistiting noble of Zahrivo. She then turned out to be a member of the blind syndicate, and Leon killed her when she couldn’t reveal anything.

Thorin and Balasar waited at the gate until there was a man who did not stop when a guard tried to flag him down. Balasar rushed through the crowd and knocked the hasty man unconscious. They then took the man to the guard house for interrogation. Upon trying to wake the unconscious man, Lord Madric bursts through the door exclaiming about undead.

Upon reaching the docks, the party sees three canoes with two zombies each slowly being washed to the shore. Balasar rushes out and attempts to burn the zombies and their boat, but fails to catch fire to the canoe. Leon leaps up on the ballistas on the wall, but fails to hit any canoes. The guards come and fill one canoe with arrows and sink the other two with the ballista. Once the last boat fell, a large, bright light shone from the island.

The party is then promised 100 gold each if they travel to the island and stop whatever is the source of these undead. While having this conversation, Quinn was stricken by a bought of madness and attempted to kill the Guard Captain. He unfortunately failed to land a blow, and instead was slain by Leon. They ended up agreeing to take on the task, and left with a boat onto the island.

They landed late into the night, and immediately left for the source of the light. While traveling they were ambushed by a group of 8 zombies. They defeated them with only minor wounds to Balasar, and nothing that a healing kit could not fix for Throin. Once they got to where they estimated the source of the light would be, they found a tomb with pictures showing a procession of some sort, and scribing they were unable to read.

Exploring this tomb, they found the left tunnel to be trapped, and after exploring it, and taking the coins from the dead’s mouths, they backed out and set off a trap, purposefully, closing off the crypt area with a large gate. They then decided to split up, Balasar exploring the farthest right tunnel, and Leon and Throin exploring the center tunnel.

The right tunnel yields nothing but linens and mouth-coins on the ground. There are also signs that the bodies left of their own volition. Through the center tunnel, which sinks far into the earth, there is a large dome, lined with hundreds of bodies in cubbies, and in the center a pile of bodies surrounded by five slabs in a pentagonal shape. After making sure the room was clear of moving corpses, Thorin lets out a screech, waking 5 fresh zombies from the pile, and alerting Balasar to come running.

The session ended there.


Set up a mail service at the Purple Tabard
Gerald the criminal?
Jimmy the fisherman
They found a cabin on the west shore of the lake with 2 of the 3 boxes of books
They killed 3 people who came to retrieve the books
The kid who was hired to sort the books ran away in the night


Talked to the commander and such
Got a scout named Richard and such
Went to the village and saw that the book cart got taken apart and unloaded (stolen? raided?)
Got attacked by a specter during a nightmare and Richard was killed
Went to Silver Lake and found out there’s a lot of skeletons in the mtns
Caught a skeleton and brought it to the king
The skeleton (actually the dragon) talked to the king and basically declared war
Told to stay at the Purple Tabard for messages
Got paid fat stacks (200gp each) + 25gp for the lockbox
Put money in the bank

Traveling across Ielmar
From whatsitsname to whatsitsname

Traveling far and such.
Dixon nearly died and such.
Dirk and Mighty recklessly stole the shit out of an inn, and they were chased around.
Dixon was saved and such.
Mighty met a cool guy.
Dirk got beat up, in a tavern, by a paladin.
Dixon got rekt in the warriors guild by an epic monk.
The whole party stayed in the Purple Tabard (as opposed to the Silver Ass or Dragon’s Clutch)

Meeting Bragaar
The start of an adventure

Bragaar the aged elven storekeeper lives in the capital city of iElmar and owns at least a bookstore “Inexpensive Tomes and Instructibles” and an inn.

Shimmerfield: Session 1
Saving Daniel

The adventurers began by questioning Margaret and the children about Daniel’s whereabouts.

After a few hours of travel and a run-in with a giant boar, the characters arrived at a the kobold mountain. Inside they negotiated a deal with the kobolds to trade Daniel’s freedom for their dragon egg.

After killing a pair of wolves and a night at Margaret’s house, the party found their way to Edward the traveling salesman. Edward traded his flask for the dragon egg and they brought it to the kobolds, freeing the boy. They then went back to Edward and discovered that the old caretaker Jeff was accused of a similar circumstance.

They ventured over to Jeff’s cabin and asked him about the events. Jeff told them that he was innocent and could prove it through the use of a magical item called a Temporal Cricket. The PCs headed off to find the silver cricket and discover the truth.

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